Tomorrow in New York, A Seminar Opens the Gateway to Brazils Robust Market Opportunities

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The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Instituto Brasileiro de Desenvolvimento de Relaes Empresariais Internacionais (IBREI), is set to host an influential breakfast seminar that promises to unpack the labyrinth of opportunities in the flourishing Brazilian market. Titled "Opening the Doors to the Brazilian Market," this event stands as a pivotal rendezvous for business leaders aiming to penetrate or expand their footprint in South America's largest economy.

Opening the doors to the Brazilian market at the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce
Opening the doors to the Brazilian market at the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce

Scheduled to convene at the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce's headquarters in Manhattan, the event is engineered to offer a comprehensive overview and insider knowledge of Brazil's diverse and intricate market. It will feature a cadre of experts and seasoned practitioners, providing attendees with the foresight needed to navigate and excel in a complex, yet rewarding business landscape.

The first panel, moderated by James Rosenstein of 1BusinessWorld, promises an in-depth look at Brazil's economy, discussing entry strategies, sectorial overviews, and emerging opportunities. Notable speakers such as Luiz Flvio Cordeiro and Ramon Fernandez Aracil Filho will connect via Zoom, offering their expertise remotely, while Maurcio Prazak will provide his insights in person.

In the second panel, moderated by Jeff Levy, a senior figure in business development at 2H Software and advisor at 1BusinessWorld, the focus will shift to the tactical side of operations within Brazil. Attendees will be treated to case studies of U.S. companies that have successfully planted their flags in Brazilian soil, with valuable lessons on navigating the legal and regulatory challenges presented by the Brazilian business environment.

The Brazilian market is ripe with opportunity, yet it presents unique challenges that can be daunting for the uninitiated," says Maurcio Prazak. "This seminar is tailor-made to equip business leaders with the knowledge and connections necessary to turn these challenges into profitable ventures."

The event is a must for C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and business developers looking to engage with one of the world's most vibrant economies. It's an opportunity to not only gain valuable insights but also to network with like-minded professionals and potential partners.

The breakfast seminar underscores the chamber's commitment to fostering bilateral commercial ties and is a testament to the robust economic linkages that bind the U.S. and Brazil.

This seminar is more than just an event; it's a beacon for U.S. companies aiming to understand and succeed in Brazil, said a spokesperson for the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce. It embodies our mission to facilitate bilateral commerce and investment, and offers an exclusive platform for strategic engagement.

As international market dynamics continue to evolve, the seminar represents a timely and strategic conclave for those looking to diversify their international portfolios and align with the pulse of Brazil's economic prospects.

Prospective attendees are urged to register early due to limited seating. The details of the seminar, including registration information and agenda, can be found on the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerces website.

Venue and registration information:

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce

485 Madison Avenue, Suite 401

New York, NY, 10022

This in-person event is not only an investment in knowledge but also an invaluable opportunity to network with those who are shaping the future of U.S.-Brazilian trade relations.

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The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc., based in New York City, is an independent, not-for-profit business membership organization. A non-governmental association, the Chambers mission is to promote trade, investment, and cultural ties between the two nations and to help develop closer ties between the business communities of both nations. The Chamber acts as a host to bring together audiences to learn about the latest developments and opportunities in Brazil. It is a source of information for both Americans and Brazilians regarding the latest business practices and facilitates interpretation and understanding of Brazil for the international business community. Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce

The Instituto Brasileiro de Desenvolvimento de Relaes Empresariais Internacionais (IBREI)

is a non-profit civil association that brings together individuals and companies, in different countries, aiming at national development. Its mission is to build bridges between professionals, companies and institutions, both public and private, improving the quality of the national and international business environment. Instituto Brasileiro de Desenvolvimento de Relaes Empresariais Internacionais

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