Game Exchange of Colorado Welcomes the Arrival of Elvira Blood Red Kiss & Elton John Pinball Machines

Game Exchange of Colorado, renowned as a premier distributor of Stern Pinball and Jersey Jack Pinball, is excited to announce the availability of remarkable pinball machines that will ignite gaming enthusiasts’ and collectors’ passion for arcade gaming. Gamers, prepare to embrace the thrill and excitement brought by Elvira Blood Red Kiss and Elton John Pinball machines, now offered by Game Exchange of Colorado.

Stern Pinball’s Elvira: Blood Red Kiss Edition

In homage to the “official Queen of Halloween,” Stern Pinball is delighted to reveal the exclusive Elvira’s House of Horrors: Blood Red Kiss Edition. This limited edition, consisting of only 500 units, introduces a dazzling new visual aesthetic to the cherished vintage series. This edition features a captivating red sparkle printing effect that embellishes the entire machine, from the backglass and playfield to the plastics and bottom arch. The Blood Red Kiss Edition also includes the embellished Elvira’s Dagger Shooter Knob and an exclusive autographed Blood Red Kiss Edition signature card.

For current owners of Elvira’s House of Horrors pinball machines, exciting software updates are in store, including additional video footage, fresh speech elements, and the thrilling Pew Pew Pew Frenzy mode.

Seth Davis, President and CEO of Stern Pinball, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Elvira is a horror icon who’s been delighting fans for over 40 years, and we’re thrilled to continue celebrating her legacy. We can’t wait for all Elvira fans to get their claws on all these fun new updates.”

Jersey Jack Pinball’s Elton John Pinball

Jersey Jack Pinball is making waves with the introduction of the Elton John Pinball, designed by the renowned game designer Steve Ritchie. This masterpiece is dedicated to the music and career of the global superstar, Sir Elton John, and features 16 full-length studio tracks, along with custom call-outs voiced by Elton himself. The game offers two versions: the Platinum Edition and the Collector’s Edition.

The Elton John Pinball Platinum Edition features captivating cabinet artwork designed by Christopher Franchi, with a platinum finish on the metalwork and an action button on the lock bar. It also includes a two-layer illuminated acrylic topper. The playfield is a three-flippered, single-level, standard-width game, boasting various ramps, spinners, and unique features such as the piano and Rocket Man rocket ship.

The Elton John Pinball Collector’s Edition is a true collector’s dream. It boasts a unique artwork package by John Youssi and Jean-Paul De Win. The Collector’s cabinet comes with laser-cut gold sparkle finish side rails, a custom shooter rod, distinctive inner cabinet art, and under/behind cabinet lighting. The Collector’s Edition also features two 10-inch LCD screens, which are part of the topper, along with laser effects and a mesmerizing S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R-! light-up feature.

Both the Platinum and Collector’s Editions include exciting features like a shaker motor, Invisiglass anti-reflective glass, an interactive player camera, a 27-inch backbox display, a 2.1 stereo audio system, and a real solenoid knocker.

Reserve or Purchase These Pinball Machines Today

Gaming enthusiasts and collectors shouldn’t miss the opportunity to welcome these captivating pinball machines into their collections. Game Exchange of Colorado is delighted to offer both the Elvira Blood Red Kiss and Elton John Pinball machines for reservation and purchase. To secure an order, contact Game Exchange of Colorado today at (303) 288-6500 or visit their location at 2650 West 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80204, United States.

For more information and to stay updated on the latest releases, please visit their official website at

Prepare to experience the thrill, music, and nostalgia that these pinball machines will bring to the gaming world. Game Exchange of Colorado is the ultimate destination for all things pinball, ensuring that excitement and fun never come to an end.

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