Callan Family Office and Insights Squared Consulting Group Announce Unique Collaboration to Launch Endure, a Proprietary Family Governance and Education Program for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Clients

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Callan Family Office, a registered investment advisor serving ultra-high-net-worth families across the United States, today announced an exclusive partnership with family wealth consulting firm Insights Squared Consulting Group to launch Endure, a proprietary family governance and education program for individuals, couples and families served by the firm.

Endure offers a dedicated and highly experienced team of consultants to advise ultra-high-net-worth families on strategies and practices that facilitate alignment, communication, and decision-making across generations. This includes advising on family business transitions, navigating family dynamics, preparing and educating next generations, and developing or enhancing family governance practices.

At Callan Family Office, we have a keen understanding of the uniqueness of generational wealth and the importance of creating enduring financial and family legacies, said Jack Ginter, Chief Executive Officer of Callan Family Office.

Through Endure, clients have an expanded opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives on achieving their most important family wealth objectives, said Amy Jucoski, Head of Legacy and Wealth Planning at Callan Family Office.

Endure is delivered through a select collaboration between Callan Family Office and Insights Squared, which was founded earlier this year by industry veterans Arne Boudewyn and Nancy Amick. For more than 20 years, Boudewyn and Amick have collaborated in senior business roles and have supported hundreds of ultra-high net-worth relationships, including individuals, couples, multigenerational families, and the advisors, family offices, and institutions that serve them.

We have found that advisors who facilitate thoughtful dialogue among family members about family wealth planning, family values, and family legacy yield improved engagement and alignment across generations, Amick said.

Callan Family Offices deep expertise in this marketplace positions them to transform the way multigenerational families communicate and make decisions about shared family wealth goals in both the short and long-term, Boudewyn added.

Callan Family Office was launched in 2022 to go beyond traditional financial services and work with families to address the human dimensions of managing substantial wealth. The firm and its 23 partners focus on solutions that help families work together to successfully manage their future, achieve their purpose, and realize their full potential as individuals and as a family system.

About Callan Family Office

Independently owned and operated, Callan Family Office was founded by experienced wealth professionals to provide investment management, thoughtful personalized advice, and holistic financial planning to ultra-high-net-worth families, foundations, and endowments. The firm's principals have spent their careers serving ultra-high-net-worth clients and institutions.

Callan Family Office has agreements with Callan LLC to use the Callan tradename in providing investment advisory services to the ultra-high-net-worth market segment and to access Callan's institutional quality research, education, and investment guidance experience. Callan Family Office and Callan LLC are independent, unaffiliated investment advisory firms separately registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

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