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New York City, New York Oct 28, 2023 ( – Everyone is aware of the fact that life is never fair and most unpredictable with its twist of events. However, it is a great struggle when only consciousness cannot help. It requires personal development and an approach towards life to be alive rather than just living. Being one of the most knowledgeable and experienced life coaches, Eric North is here to offer the steps of Personal Greatness that can help every individual grow organically. He is also known as, ‘The Happiness Warrior’ as he fights for happiness, not for himself but for all. The fact that a good life is chosen and implemented rather than getting it automatically is still not clear to many. Those who are aware also fail to reach the optimal point of a good life. No more worries, as Eric is here to offer the practices that can help find greatness within.

Considering life as a game, one needs to overcome all fears and find solutions for the obstacles that prevent progress. It is not about winning or losing but more like learning and finding wisdom at every point of life. It is important to learn what makes a person stronger in life which helps to discover new self-created powers. The pursuit of greatness can help to find more meaning and purpose in life which is perhaps more than just making a living. Considering life as a journey, there are always new discoveries and new commitments lying ahead. Being one greatest self is a power within that allows one to cherish all the exciting possibilities with determination and dedication.

In order to achieve greatness, one must realize what are the good things in life that offer a feeling of greatness. With the right attitude and mindset, humans can define themselves better. Even the smallest victories can help to reach the greater triumphs in life. The right mindset and self-conviction help to figure out and opt for the right decisions in every step of life. Those carefully chosen decisions are what offer impactful consequences. Life is nothing but an accumulation of different decisions and actions along with their consequences. It is not always about progressing but it also takes courage to slow down and take a moment to appreciate the good things in life which are there or always have been there. Encumbrances from the past must be safely processed and forgiven with the thought “A better life starts today.”

Truth is a strong element in personal action. No one is born into this world with the same circumstances and opportunities. Some are immediately repressed and disowned by society and life can look dismal. Others are born into lives of great opportunity and abundant choices. Whether it is going to lead to success or failure, depends on the attitude and mindset that one sets for the course of our lives. Those who are strong in their personal conviction, assertive, and unafraid to confront adversity or hardship; can actively shape their destiny through sheer will and determination no matter their present conditions. It requires an unwavering set of personal core values based on beliefs, truths, and integrity. A willingness to go out against repressive societal norms and live life to its fullest is the key here.

It is a process of self-affirmation, authenticity, and revealing personal powers that meanders through life. Most people are afraid of revealing their own authentic selves with the thought that they will be vulnerable and open to criticism and derision. Such unreasonable fears and emotional barriers can keep one safe but also harm the growth and potential of the person. It is like the real person is just below the surface and waiting to be pulled up and it can be only done by living in the truth while embracing the core values. It is not required to live a paradigm of shame and self-loathing or to keep the beautiful parts of our spirit and soul hidden when they can be embraced by every individual.

Being ‘The Happiness Warrior”, Eric has a fair share of knowledge on how to proceed in this pursuit of greatness, and to do that, one must know how to master mindset activation. The subconscious and innermost thoughts and emotions are masked by a lack of self-awareness and introspection. However, following the right practices can help to find purpose, intention, and greater inner happiness in life. Firstly, one must address the feelings and emotions that they go through on a daily basis without being ignorant. Secondly, life is neither good nor bad. It is what one makes out of it. Judgment and shame have no place in a truly great life. It is important to remember, that achieving total life mastery is impossible. Therefore, it is a constant ongoing process. Find out more secrets about life with Eric North, aka ‘The Happiness Warrior’, at

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