Saluja Gold International School to Host CBSE National Hockey Tournament – Showcasing India’s Youth Hockey Talent

Giridih— Saluja Gold International School is set to host the prestigious CBSE National Hockey Tournament from October 27th to 29th, 2023, in an exciting and much-anticipated event that promises to be a highlight in the world of youth sports.

This tournament, to be held at Saluja Gold International School in Giridih, will feature schools from across the region, including Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and other states, competing in a thrilling display of hockey skills and sportsmanship.

India has a rich tradition of hockey, and this event is a testament to the country’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating the next generation of hockey talent. The tournament will not only serve as a battleground for emerging athletes but also as a platform for promoting teamwork and dedication to the sport.

Mr. Joraver Singh Saluja, the director of Saluja Gold International School, has described this event as the “Grand Celebration of Hockey.” He emphasized, “We want this tournament to be more than just a sporting event. We aim to create an atmosphere where our students and participants can experience the significance and excitement of hockey. Hockey is a matter of great pride for our nation, and we aspire to elevate it to even greater heights. Just as India recently secured a gold medal in the Asian Games by defeating Japan, we want to prepare our young athletes for similar feats.”

Mrs. Neeta Das, the school’s principal, referred to this event as the “Foundation of Knowledge and Sports.” She stated, “We are not only promoting the sport but also instilling in our students the virtues of sportsmanship, team spirit, and cooperation. We take immense pride in organizing this event and hope that the dedication and enthusiasm of our athletes will serve as an inspiration to all.”

The CBSE National Hockey Tournament at Saluja Gold International School promises to be a spectacle of raw talent and fierce competition, offering a unique opportunity to see India’s future hockey stars in action. The winning team of this tournament will earn a coveted spot in the CBSE National Games, a prestigious platform for budding athletes.

We invite sports enthusiasts, parents, and the wider community to join us in celebrating the spirit of India’s youth and their dedication to hockey. The event will be live-streamed, ensuring that everyone can be a part of this exciting journey. Stay tuned for a heart-pounding showcase of skill, determination, and teamwork.

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