National Survey Reveals Women of All Ages Cite Mental Health as Their Number One Health Concern

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LevLane Advertising, an award-winning full-service agency headquartered in Philadelphia, has released the results of its 2023 Womens Health Concerns Survey of 400 women, ages 18+, which explores how women are approaching various aspects of their health and wellness.

The survey, which was conducted by a market research provider on behalf of LevLane, paints a concerning picture, as women report deprioritizing sexual/reproductive health and almost every other aspect of their well-being, while mental health concerns take priority. This is true even in the younger age groups where sexual health is traditionally considered as a primary concern (ages 18-34).

Across all ages 18+, just 6% of all women reported sexual health as their number one priority.

The majority of women (53%) reported mental health as one of their top three health concerns, with 26% saying that it was their number one concern. Stress management (45%), sleep health (33%) and heart health (32%) were among the other top concerns, while reproductive/sexual health (19%), diabetes (18%), pregnancy/post-partum (11%) and menopause/perimenopause (11%) were ranked lowest overall.

Women 55+ were the only age group to report something other than mental health as their top concern. That cohort reported both heart health and stress management as tied for their number one priority.

Coming out of COVID, we expected to see a bump in mental health as a concern, but we were all taken aback by just how many women across all age groups cited it as their top concern, said Liz Weir, chief marketing officer at LevLane. Even in younger age groups, where we would expect to see more of an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health or pregnancy and post-partum, we found that women are putting those things on the back burner to prioritize mental health.

The study is the first in a series planned by the agency. The forthcoming surveys will continue to focus on specific aspects of womens health with the goal of better understanding the broader womens healthcare landscape.

In their efforts to address mental health concerns, an unintended consequence could be neglecting other very critical aspects of their well-being, said Karla Loken, DO, OBGYN, FACOOG and chief medical officer for FEMSelect. We need to address womens health comprehensively; neglecting one area will ultimately lead to consequences in another. Women are juggling a lot of things, and this research is signaling that women need more support, including education and awareness on promoting a balanced approach to physical, mental and emotional health.

The study also found that many women are opting out of support, with half (50%) of the respondents saying they are not seeking support for their top concern/priority and have no intention of doing so.

Additional Survey Findings:

– 10% of Women 18-24 reported sexual and reproductive health as a top priority

– 35% of women 35-44 said mental health was their top priority

– Women 18-24 were the age group most concerned with cancer as a top 3 priority

– Women 35-44 were the only age group to include obesity as a top 3 priority or concern

– Women in the 18-34 bracket tend to start their health journeys with online search or through friends and family

– Women 34+ tend to start their health journeys with their primary care physicians (PCPs)

For complete survey results, please contact Lauren Stralo below.

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