HTX Shines at Blockchain Life 2023, Paving the Way for a Global Crypto Ecosystem

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Singapore / October 24, 2023 / HTX participated in Blockchain Life 2023, the 11th international forum dedicated to Web3, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain mining. The event saw HTX assume the prestigious role of a platinum sponsor and exclusive registration sponsor. HTX not only attracted a myriad of crypto enthusiasts but also fostered insightful conversations, offering a firsthand look at investment possibilities through an impressive array of product showcases and enticing incentives at their visually striking booth.

At the commencement of the summit, Justin Sun, a distinguished member of the HTX Global Advisory Board and Founder of TRON, delivered a speech titled "Real World Assets Unlocking Value in the Digital Age." His profound perspectives not only garnered considerable acclaim but also ignited thought provoking dialogues among the event's participants.

Sun mentioned, "Today, there are already over 100 CeFi and DeFi RWA players in the industry and the market for tokenized assets could grow to $16 trillion by 2030." The momentum around RWAs will continue to grow and impact the cryptocurrency industry in the way we transfer, settle, and preserve value, he emphasized.

Taking stUSDT as an example, Sun explained the additional value that Real World Assets (RWA) bring to the stablecoin arena. He expressed that stUSDT can be seen as a Web3 counterpart to Alipays Yue Bao, one of the worlds largest money market funds. By forging connections between on-chain assets with tangible real-world assets, stUSDT enriches the investment profiles of users, catering to an array of investment requirements. Furthermore, stUSDT fervently upholds the core Web3 value of decentralization, with a mission to serve a broader community. This implies that through RWA assets, every investor can effortlessly earn passive income and enjoy unfettered access to their assets whenever required, all while relishing the transparency, security, and immutable characteristics afforded by blockchain technology.

Sun emphasized that in the ever-evolving digital era, Real World Assets (RWAs) will play a pivotal role in driving widespread cryptocurrency adoption. Their capacity to amalgamate real, recognizable assets with the digital innovations of the crypto sector is poised to redefine the global financial landscape.

HTX remains dedicated to the pursuit of innovative opportunities, with the goal of constructing a worldwide crypto ecosystem tailored to a diversity of user requirements, and propelling the extensive utilization of cryptocurrencies. HTX will stay updated about the ever-evolving dynamics of the Real World Assets (RWA) market.

Sun commented that HTX is one of the major Asian exchanges globally. This year, we have focused a lot of our energy on growing our user base in Asia. We have seen great momentum and great growth in the market. After 1 year of the development, HTX has become one of the very stable, top 5 exchanges in the world together with Binance, Upbit, Coinbase, and OKX.

Since its rebranding in September this year, HTX has once again left a significant imprint on the global crypto arena, marking the initiation of a new chapter in its dedicated pursuit of a global growth strategy. This underscores its strengthening foothold in the crypto market worldwide and its dedication to becoming a major player driving crypto's global development and adoption.

In the future, HTX will take the center stage at more crypto events across the globe and expand its international influence. The exchange will also establish close connections with communities and users from various countries and regions, continuously exploring quality products and investment targets to attract broader participants to the crypto market.

Blockchain Life 2023, taking place in Dubai October 24-25, 2023, attracted over 7,000 attendees from more than 120 countries. The event united leaders from global funds, top crypto company figures, pioneering Web3 entrepreneurs, and ardent crypto enthusiasts to delve deep into the future of the cryptocurrency market.

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