Datavinci Helps Client Achieve Record Results with Google Analytics 4 Implementation

New York City, New York Oct 23, 2023 ( – The rise of Technology and Healthcare has benefited everyone from caregivers and emergency healthcare workers to patients. Having a technologically sound healthcare business provides insightful data, thereby enabling the stakeholders to make better decisions. In the post-COVID era, Datavinci has helped healthcare businesses leverage the power of Google Analytics 4 and achieve optimum accuracy in patient data analysis and care. User ID Tracking Implementation is one of the best features of Google Analytics 4. Datavinci worked with one of the largest wound-management groups in the US to achieve a 95% Backend Match Rate!

Patient data and the information added by the users are the backbone of every successful Healthcare business. Google Analytics 4 has many advantages that can be used to empower Healthcare businesses.

Data Availability – Implementing Google Analytics 4 at the earliest is a huge boon for healthcare businesses, as GA4 starts collecting data only after implementation. The earlier GA4 is implemented, the more historical data on the Healthcare business will be collected.

Analysis Hub – Collecting advanced data can only be beneficial when it is converted to actionable insights. With the Analysis Hub of Google Analytics 4, Datavinci empowered the Healthcare client to create reports on the fly and study the data to improve the quality of the business decisions.

Datavinci’s Healthcare client delivers more than a million patient-encounters per year. The amount of data collected was huge and complex, and hence, the business needed to implement GA4 and use the data to drive the business to newer heights. The Google Analytics Certified Consultants at Datavinci worked closely with the stakeholders to understand the current analytics setup and requirements of the business.

The Datavici team prepared an action plan that addressed the gaps in the current analytics setup.

Measurement Plan – The team created a thorough measurement plan in a spreadsheet specifying the parameters first that will be set in Google Tag Manager.

Creating Triggers – The team set triggers first and then used the same triggers across multiple tags to ensure consistency across the various marketing and analytics pixels, as the same logical trigger is driving them all.

Implement Tags – The team created tags in Google Tag Manager with the latest GA4 settings and comprehensively tested them in the new tag assistant.

User ID – Generating recruitment applications was one of the primary objectives of the healthcare client; the Datavinci team added a layer to User ID tracking by assigning a custom ID instead of a default cookie ID.

The above solutions were carefully executed during the Google Analytics 4 implementation, and the Datavinci team also conducted training sessions with the marketing team of the client to ensure knowledge transfer. “Team at DataVinci provided us with the most updated version of Google Analytics in a very systematic manner. This implementation is a highly valuable piece of our digital marketing stack”, said one of the members of the Digital Marketing Leadership.

Datavinci has empowered marketers and marketing teams of more than 60 businesses by offering comprehensive Google Analytics 4 implementation and Migration services. Book a free consultation with our expert If you are interested in knowing more about Datavinci’s Google Analytics 4 consulting

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