CourseReelAI By Abhi Dwivedi 2022-Dec-20 Video App & Software Launched

The last few years have seen a massive increase in the amount of online learning done around the world, with many consumers taking new courses faster than they can be produced. This new artificial intelligence software package launching in December, CourseReelAI, provides a fast three-step solution to constructing new educational videos.

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Created by Abhi Dwivedi, designer of the popular CourseReel Legacy software, the new program includes all the same features as the original version, with several substantial improvements. While the original program helped users to build videos using only their voice, the new software requires nothing but a single keyword and a few clicks.

With CourseReel Legacy, users could create courses by narrating important information, with the software using that information to build unique visuals, slides, and text to match. Using the new CourseReelAI, users only have to input a keyword they would like their video to cover. The software will build the complete video, including the educational content and voiceover.

To use CourseReelAI, a person only has to speak or type a keyword into the program, and it will immediately brainstorm course ideas. Once an idea has been selected, the software will build course outlines and create scripts. Users then have the option to record the script themselves and input the file or have the software generate its own audio.

The program also includes commercial licensing, which allows users to create as many videos as they wish and sell them online at no additional cost. Generated videos can be exported as a file or shared directly with popular streaming sites like YouTube or Facebook with a few clicks.

As a cloud-based application, CourseReelAI can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as the user has an internet connection, without downloading or installing any software.

One satisfied user said, “Very easy to use. The drag-and-drop editor is fun to use, and creating videos in the cloud has never been this easy. This is possibly the coolest video app out there, especially since I can just copy-paste some text and convert that into a video automatically.”

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